Imagine a beautifully illuminated room in front of you, where there is no glare on the ceiling and you don’t have any idea where the light comes from. The new DYDELL “Glareless spotlight” is the ideal solution after the curtain falls on halogen in 2018. Through an opening of only 10mm, this innovative Glareless spotlight creates beautiful homogeneous lighting with a high lumen output of up to 800 lumens. The spotlight can also be dimmed steplessly with various control options.



The distinctive feature of this spotlight is that the LED light source is incorporated in the luminaire and the optic is arranged in such a way that it crosses the light which creates a wide beam of light of 40° of 20° is generated through an opening of only 10mm in the ceiling. The LED light source is therefore not visible and without glare when you look inside the space. The spotlight gives a lot of light up to 800 lumens (equivalent to 90 Watt halogen) and can be dimmed steplessly with various control systems.

The light from our unique Trimless pin spots is soft, atmospheric, multifunctional and glareless. The design is sleek, minimalist and modern. The pin spot is available in Single white, Dual White and RGB+W, can (optionally) be concealed seamlessly in the ceiling with a plaster ring and can be controlled with various Smart Home Systems.

“When we decided to renovate our house, the contractor asked if we also wanted recessing spotlights in the ceiling. We never liked the spots ourselves, because they are visible, give large white spots in the ceiling and white spots on the floor. Then I came across Dydell with her narrow recessed Glareless pin spot, perfect solution for us. You hardly see the spots, they light up your kitchen counter and not around it. Now, after six months, we are very satisfied with Dydell’s lighting, and we also send all our acquaintances and family members to Carolien and Kobbe. “

-Marco and Nicoline Post-

DYDELL and designer Osiris Hertman present the “Premium Edition” of the Glareless Pin Spot. This unique pin-spot will be displayed in the Masterly-Dutch Pavillon (Palazzo Francesco Turati) during Salone del Mobile from June 7-12, 2022. the most important fair in the field of design and interior design. Visit on our website to learn more about Premium Edition.


The minimalistic and luxurious Glareless pin spot provides beautiful and adjustable light that can be dimmed perfectly. The light of this pin spot comes through an eye of only 10mm, so that it is not directly visible and you are not dazzled when you look into the room. The ceiling therefore looks very calm and comfortable. The pin spot can be processed (seamlessly) in various ways and controlled with the desired smart control system. How do you want to process the pin spot?


The innovative, durable and highly efficient Glareless spotlight is available in single colour, tunable white en RGB+W. The single colour Glareless spotlight incorporates warm white LEDs of 2700k with a colour fastness of 90. The unique LED spotlight emits 800 lumens of light and consumes only 24 Watts of energy.


The Dual white Glareless spotlight incorporates both candle white LEDs (2000K) and white-white (4000K) LEDs. This unique light source makes it possible to create any desired functional and atmospheric ambience with the same light source. The tunable white spotlight emits no less than 800 lumens of light and has an energy consumption of less than 24 Watts. 


The unique Glareless RGB+W spotlight has been developed especially for theatres, catering establishments, pop venues, residential homes and other environments where both dynamic and atmospheric lighting is used. This spotlight incorporates the highest quality of white LEDs (2700K with RA 95) as well as coloured LEDs (RGB).


With the spring construction, this spot can easily be placed in the ceiling opening. The spot has a height of 70mm and comes standard with a white flange of Ø 90 mm x H 1 mm. Optionally, the flange is also available in Ø 112 and color temperatures such as 3000K, 4000K, 5700K are available on request


Imagine a beautifully atmospherically  illuminated space, where only small PIN-hole of 12 mm is visible in your floating ceiling. You will not see a fixture, only the minimalistic 12 mm eye. You can realize this unique light image with the distinctive contra-construction of the Glareless pin spot, that is mounted above the ceiling.


For people who love minimalistic design spots, we offer the modern trimless LED spot. The LED spot can be seamlessly concealed in the ceiling because a stucco ring has first been processed that has been plastered away. Then the pin spot with spring construction is clicked into this compression ring, so that the flange of the spot falls into the compression ring. An ‘insert’ is even available for the Single White spot, which you can place in the opening of the spot, so that the spot can be painted over and can therefore have the same color and matt finish as that of the ceiling.


The Adjustable LED spot with spring construction can easily be placed in the ceiling opening. The spot has a height of 70 mm and comes standard with an Adjustable white flange of Ø 90 mm x H 2 mm. Optionally, the color temperatures such as 3000K, 4000K, 5700K are available on request.


If you have a ceiling and there is no possibility to process a recessed LED pin spot in a suspended ceiling, the Glareless surface-mounted pin spot offers the solution. This surface-mounted spot has an outer size of Ø 110mm and is 120mm high. The nice thing about the build-up pin spot is that the driver with optional Casambi operating system is incorporated in the build-up pin spot. This means that the 230V ceiling cabling can be connected directly to this surface-mounted LED pin spot, no driver needs to be concealed above the ceiling and the dimensions are adjusted in such a way that it can nicely conceal a wall socket. Optionally, a (tilting) flange can be incorporated into the surface-mounted spotlight. The surface-mounted pin spot is supplied as standard in the color RAL 9016. The surface-mounted spot can also be supplied in the desired RAL color on request.

“In addition to the atmospheric lighting of the restaurant, we also wanted to create more work light behind our open bar. DYDELL offered the Glareless spots as a solution. We now have perfect working light and customers really don’t see a bright spot on the ceiling when you look at the bar. Actually you have no idea where the light comes from. We are amazed how much and beautiful light comes out of this small spot-opening of 10mm. In fact, we want to process more Glareless pin spots in our restaurant. We are very happy that we have chosen tor the unique and atmospheric lighting of DYDELL”.

– William. Owner of a seafood restaurant de Meerplaats –


Because the Glareless spot has an opening of only 10 mm and the flange can be painted in the color of the ceiling, the Glareless spot has a very minimalist appearance. The spot can be incorporated in the ceiling in various ways. With a spring construction, the spot, with the flange size Ø 90 of 112 mm, can easily be clicked into an opening. For ceilings that are plastered there is now also a plaster ring available! This ring is screwed against the plasterboard and the plasterer smears the ring, only the large opening remains. The spot with spring stems is then clicked into the ring, including on the edges of the flange. The Glareless spot with plaster ring is the top of minimalism! Want to know more about the usage of the plaster ring? Click here


With its lighting system, DYDELL strives to offer more comfort with more light functionalities. We have control options that are composed by type of spotlight tailored to your wishes and needs. The control options range from simply turning the spotlight ON/OFF and dimming with an external driver, simply calling up some dynamic atmospheres with the wireless Casambi control system, to integrating light into an advanced control system such as DMX. Find out here which control system suits you best.


A pleasant atmosphere in a room is created by placing the right light sources in the right position. This takes into account the user and changing functions. In a house people read, play and dine. Work, consultation and lectures take place in an office. For example, each room has its own specific characteristics and requirements, which is the starting point of our lighting plan.


In order to be able to escape safely in the event of a power failure, the lighting installation must be connected to an emergency power supply (emergency lighting) in high-risk situations. In case of nuisance or violence problems in an entertainment area, security lighting can offer a solution. This concerns additional public lighting that can be used preventively as well as de-escalating. This lighting is most efficient in a concentration area with catering establishments and at public events.


Light output

Licht output

600-800 lumen



Ø  112mm – Ø 90 (ntb) x 89 mm high

Energy usage

Energy usage

max. 24 Watt


iconen specificatie pagina_DIMBAAR




(70% after) 50.000 hours

Colour fastness

Colour fastness

RA 95

Light composition

light composition

SINGLE WHITE (2700K), DUAL WHITE (2000K-4000K) or RGB+W (2700K)

Beam angle

beam angle

20° or 40°


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