Proper lighting of a hairdressing salon is a profession in itself, in which various factors must be taken into account. For example, customers want to sit in a pleasant and atmospheric environment, the hairdresser must have the right light to be able to properly assess the hair coloring and the customer does not want to be dazzled when he or she is lying in the sink or getting a haircut. Also, the customer should not sit in the shadow of the hairdresser when it is being cut.
In the lighting plan that DYDELL has drawn up for LUX hair, all these light requirements have of course been taken into account.

The positioning of the light sources has been carefully considered and direct and indirect light has been used. The glareless spots have been incorporated in the barbershop so that customers are not dazzled when they look into the room. In addition, changeable light sources have been used that can be set per light source with both atmospheric light and daylight white light. Thanks to the Casambi control system for smart light, the right light can be activated at the touch of a button.

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Lighting examples