Tapasbar El Pincho approached us because they had recently renovated their Spanish restaurant and provided it with a sleeker interior, but were still lacking atmosphere in their restaurant. As far as we’re concerned, a pleasant atmosphere starts with the right light. In consultation with El Pincho we have created a lighting plan in which pendant lights and indirect raking light are combined. With the choice of the Rontonton by Edward van Vliet, we have

combined ‘modern’ and ‘Moors’, which is suitable for a tapas restaurant. Because the restaurant is situated relatively low, we placed the wooden Pilke of Showroom Finland above a few tables. This gives a nice filling to the restaurant. Given that the DYDELL LED bulb is incorporated into the Pilkes, the top of the LED bulb illuminates the ceiling beautifully and tastefully, while the bottom of the bulb provides the tables with a pleasant light for dining.

We are very satisfied with our new lighting in our tapas restaurant. It gives a nice warm light and is really an asset to El Pincho. Besides the fact that it has become much more atmospheric inside, it certainly also attracts more guests, because the view inside has become much better and warmer. Both the line light and the LED bulbs are controlled with Casambi and the app is nice to work with. For example, we have created atmospheres for daytime, at twilight, for evening and for cleaning, which we can easily call up with the X-press wall switch. Thanks to Carolien and Kobbe with the team for thinking along and the wonderful result.

Paul – Restaurant El Pincho Haarlem

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Lighting examples