A well-lit workplace ensures less absenteeism, increased productivity and improves the mood of employees.

A conference room or office unit is often used for various functions. Sometimes it is used for a work meeting where decisions have to be made, other times a creative brainstorm session, a conference call, a lecture or business drinks. All different functions that take place in the same room. Various studies show that depending on the objective, the amount of light, the dimming mode and the colour of the (white) light in a room directly influences people’s behaviour, as a result of which these people are able to perform better.


Research has shown that “falling” is the main cause of injury for the elderly. In addition, research also shows to that the elderly become disoriented more quickly. The lens and the cornea of the elderly are darker and more yellow in colour and the pupils are smaller. As a result, elderly people need three to five times more light compared to young people.  Research also shows that on average young people and adults are exposed to light with an intensity of more than 2000 lux 1 to 5 hrs per day. For the elderly this is reduced to 1 hour per day, and for patients with dementia in a nursing home this can be as low as 1.6 minutes. This shortage of light-stimuli plays a major role in the degeneration of the biological clock and the disruption of the 24-hour rhythms for elderly people.

Acoustic office units with tailored light

In collaboration with STILL DESIGN DYDELL has developed a lighting concept that consists of functional ceiling and wall lighting with ‘Tailored Light‘ for modular acoustic office units.

  • In accordance with the NEN standard, a light yield of 500 LUX is generated on the work station and 200 lux around the work station.
  • The CRI value is 93 RA and the colour temperature of the dynamic light can vary from 2700K to 5000K.
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Lighting system for offices

With the multifunctional light sources from DYDELL, with one lighting control system, any desired ambiance, brightness and colour intensity for an office can be created and is adapted to various functions in collaboration with independent colours-institute Colour Comfort.

Easily use of different work light

With the wall mounted DALI control panel, with one press of a button different types of work light can be activated, adapted to the particular functions of a room. Examples of this are a job interviews, a brainstorm session or team meetings. DYDELL offers “Tailored Light‘ in which the environment colour is adapted to the changing functions of rooms by way of dynamic light. As a result, rooms can be made multi-deployable in a sustainable way.