• Company Video DYDELL 2018

    product video dydell
    15 March 2018
  • Hotel TwentySeven Amsterdam


    The super-luxurious TwentySeven hotel in Amsterdam with a view of the Dam, almost opens its doors! We can not wait! Admire the spectacular play of light from our LED spheres in hand-blown fixtures that ‘whirl’ downwards like a kind of raindrops in the breathtaking entrance. Thanks to Cris van Amsterdam for the beautiful design!

    20 December 2017
  • Watch our video!

    playbutton nieuwsbrief

    Watch our corporate movie here!

    10 May 2016
  • School of the future

    For the entrance of the school we used the new Powerline. This are all vertical pieces of Powerline controlled by the DYDELL Pro system.

    8 May 2016
  • Lake Como – Italy

    italy-BeFunky Collage_55

    The DYDELL team went to Italy to install the DYDELL lighting system at the amazing venue ‘Lido Menaggio’ near Lake Como. We used the Random light from Moooi to create a cloud shaped light setting.

    13 April 2016
  • Aristo


    Aristo is located in the centre of Eindhoven. Companies can host business meetings or even conferences. To draw the attention of potential costumers Aristo chose a big window pane. The DYDELL bulbs draw extra attention to the Aristo building. This installation is a real eye-catcher!

    4 April 2016
  • Melkweg Amsterdam

    We used old milk cans and sieves as luminaires combined with the DYDELL LED-spheres for an authentic look.


    4 April 2016
  • Bilderberg Europe Hotel Scheveningen

    BeFunky Collage-bilderbergThe Bilderberg Hotel is not only a hotel it is also a beautiful venue for meetings and events. During the breaks the guests can enjoy a cup of coffee. The LED-sphere lights up the room with functional white lighting facing down and a decorative colour upwards.

    3 April 2016
  • Nightclub The Public in Stockholm

    the public+videobutton

    Nightclub The Public in Stockholm has 9 DYDELL LED-spheres positioned in a circle above the bar.

    23 March 2016
  • MDCK

    Colour has an influence on human behavior. Research has shown that an ambiance in the waiting room can have a positive effect on the wellbeing and functioning of humans. In the Multidisciplinary Centre of Childabuse Kennemmerland (MDCK), children get proper help and assistence when abused.

    23 March 2016
  • STIBA Boras – Sweden

    STIBA office

    STIBA is an independent engineering agency in Sweden. The office of STIBA now has the innovative lighting concept of DYDELL combined with beautiful tearshaped Trubridge luminaires. With the DYDELL system they can create the perfect ambiance for every desired situation. For example active light for meetings, the right colour for concentration or a nice ambiance for drinks.

    10 February 2016
  • Eye-catcher of Beatrix theatre Utrecht


    Watch our video to experience the lighting at the Beatrix theatre in Utrecht. The Beatrix theatre in Utrecht wanted to improve visibility from the Jaarbeursplein as well as we make the foyer full of atmosphere and still be multifunctional for drinks, conferences and business events.

    Read more

    2 December 2015
  • Playful light with natural materials in Philharmonie Haarlem

    For the design of the artist’s foyer as well as the bar of the Philharmony in Haarlem, DYDELL was inspired by the wonderful natural materials that are characteristic in this theatre. Therefore we chose to fit our lighting system using the sustainable bamboo fixtures from David Trubridge. The wooden fixtures of Studio Finland were perfect for the bar with its low wooden ceiling and form a beautiful whole with the artist’s foyer. All lights can be controlled with the DMX control system and fitted with a range of decorative lighting – from functional to decorative.


    2 December 2015
  • New LED-sphere with candle-white light (2000K) + RGB at Restaurant Fris

    BeFunky Collage

    Sultry atmosphere thanks to the new LED-sphere from DYDELL with candle-white light (2000K) + RGB at Restaurant Fris. Especially for restaurants and hotels, DYDELL has developed a new generation LED sphere that is fitted with super warm candle white LEDs (2000K) and supplemented by coloured (RGB) light. As a result that rooms can be lit to be even more beautiful and atmospheric; from functional to decorative light. Like every DYDELL light source, this ‘atmosphere maker’ can also be controlled with DYDELL HOME and DYDELL PRO (DALI, DMX, Windows). We used this new generation of light source in combination with the beautiful wooden Couronne Lamp from M&S at Restaurant Fris during Haarlem Culinair 2015.

    2 December 2015
  • Several residence projects

    2 December 2015
  • Restaurant Bark Amsterdam


    The ceiling of fish restaurant Brasserie Bark is dotted with a sea of bulbs in which the LED bulbs from Dydell are integrated. Several steel wires are supporting the illuminated spheres that hang playfully in between. Depending on the time of day, the perfect ambiance can be created.

    2 December 2015
  • Sleepworld Helmond

    sleepworld-play…if we had a stylish implementation for the entrance of a newly opened branch of Sleepworld in Helmond? The goal: to attract attention from customers and generate traffic into the shop. On Easter Monday 2015 was the grand opening. We used 9 lights in 3 different sizes and with 3 different shapes. Obviously all these lights were equipped with the sustainable multifunctional LED lighting system from DYDELL.

    2 December 2015
  • Foyer parkstad Limburg theatres – Heerlen

    parkstad_drieluikThe foyer of Parkstad Limburg Theaters in Heerlen is enchanted with the dynamic and atmospheric LED lighting concept of Dydell. The multi-colour LED light spheres are adjust in several stylish colours and integrated into various sizes of Moooi Random Lights. The white fiberglass threads absorbs the wonderful colour combinations of the LED bulbs and ensure stunning atmospheric effects. The LED-spheres are controlled by DYDELL PRO group control-system. With one press on the button of the DALI control panel the ambiance of the lobby changes into other (group) prefecrence setting.

    20 November 2015
  • Foyer theaters Tilburg


    An even more prominent view of the foyer of Theaters Tilburg from the Schouwburgring. Dydell has integrated their LED sphere into the big luminaires of ROVE design. Depending on  the show the atmosphere can be changed by using a DMX panel in combination with DYDELL PRO

    19 November 2015
  • Maison & object Paris


    The LED light concept Dydell with Dydell Pro control system (= control group), was presented in the beautiful and rich decor of Aangenaam XL at MAISON & OBJET in Paris. Three Luminaires of various sizes (including a huge luminaire of Ø 200 cm) were equipped with an LED sphere. The “wave function” of Dydell Pro can  automatically set multiple unique atmospheres. Click here to view the movie. MAISON & OBJET

    18 November 2015
  • Example Luminaires

    Click the image. The concept of light DYDELL consists of one or more LED light spheres that can be integrated as a light source in the design luminaires, and  loose spheres can be used as well. Click here to see the design luminaires that have been integrated with the LED sphere. The LED bulb can be easily integrated into an existing fixture by a M10 threaded pipe connection on both the top and bottom of the LED sphere. This thread tube connector is also used in a conventional E27 socket.

    17 November 2015
  • Restaurant Nobel in Haarlem

    BeFunky Collage.jpg 8
    16 November 2015
  • Haaglanden ziekenhuis (hospital)

    Haaglandenziekenhuis ALIEN XL NEXT bollen in combinatie met de DYDELL LED lamp

    The entrance to the renovated Haaglanden hospital is equipped with various Alien XL lamps (made of white plastic) integrated with the LED light concept of DYDELL.  The Alien XL luminaires are controlled by DYDELL pro making it a very flexible system, with a colour range of several (warm) white tones to special colour combinations.

    15 November 2015
  • TNI Holland

    TNI Holland

    The entrance of TNI Holland were already fitted with white bulbs with plastics (plain) white luminaires. Every year TNI Holland had to rent a valuable construction platform  to replace the bulbs. TNI Holland has now chosen to replace their existing bulbs with the sustainable and attractive LED lighting solution of DYDELL. Giving their existing luminaires a new dimension and the option to gradually change colour settings by using the DYDELL LED spheres.   Due to the very long life time of the DYDELL LED sphere TNI Holland will not be replacing their bulbs for the upcoming years.

    14 November 2015
  • Skybox DPD in het Willem II stadion

    BeFunky  5
    13 November 2015
  • Bedrooms differently


    12 November 2015
  • Softtones: various white-tones

    11 November 2015
  • Haarlem culinair

    10 November 2015
  • Interactive showcase

    9 November 2015
  • Stage ‘t Spant in Bussum

    8 November 2015
  • Lightshow with LED-lightconcept of DYDELL

    7 November 2015
  • Special atmospheres by the LED-lightconcept of DYDELL

    BeFunky Collage

    The above image is an impression of the different interior settings in which the LED light concept Dydell is presented.


    6 November 2015