For fans of minimalistic design spots, we offer modern trimless LED spots. The LED spots are seamlessly concealed in the ceiling since a plaster ring is first processed and plastered away. The spots with spring construction are then clicked into the plaster ring, causing the flange of the spot to fall into the ceiling. For the single white spot, there is even an “insert” available that you can place in the opening of the spot making the spot paintable and thus can have the same color and matte finish as that of the ceiling. You can read more about the trimless spots using a DYDELL plaster ring below.


Trimless spots are recessed spotlights without visible edges in the ceiling. By first incorporating a plaster ring in the suspended ceiling, which is plastered by the plasterer, a ceiling with rings is created. These rings have a notch in which the pin spot can be trimlessly concealed. This allows the trimless spots to be leveled with the plaster and paintwork. Subsequently, the minimalistic design trimless spot from DYDELL is incorporated into this placement ring.

Because the light is crossed in the pin spot, an air beam of 20 and 40 degrees enters through an eye of only 10mm, but you are not blinded by the light from the spot when you look into the room. The seamless connection through the plaster ring in combination with the trimless spots ensures a super sleek and calm-looking ceiling where the trimless spots merge seamlessly into the whole. This gives you beautiful and “invisible” basic light. Our trimless spots are used successfully in homes, hotels, offices, retail, and the hospitality industry.


Our LED trimless spots are sustainable, have a long lifespan, and optimally illuminate a room, whereby you are not blinded by the light and you can’t see where the light is coming from. This is because the light is crossed in the spot. Because the LEDs are permanently incorporated in the trimless spotlight and therefore no exchangeable light source is used, this means that this is a high-quality trimless LED spot that you can enjoy for years to come. The exclusive trimless spots are available in single white, which gives one color warm light. The warm white (2700k) LEDs are used as standard in the single white spot. Various other color temperatures are also available on request, such as 3000k or 4000k. The single color spots are 70mm high and can be dimmed perfectly continuously using control systems. The LED trimless spots provide up to 800 lumens of light and only consume 24 Watts of energy.

In addition to the single white trimless spots, we also offer the dual white spots. These recessed spotlights can change from functional white light to super warm white light and be perfectly dimmed. We also have trimless RGBW spots. In addition to warm white basic light (2700K), colored light can also be added through the eye of 10mm.


The innovative, durable and highly efficient Glareless spotlight is available in single colour, tunable white en RGB+W. The single colour Glareless spotlight incorporates warm white LEDs of 2700k with a colour fastness of 90. The unique LED spotlight emits 800 lumens of light and consumes only 24 Watts of energy.

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The Dual white Glareless spotlight incorporates both candle white LEDs (2000K) and white-white (4000K) LEDs. This unique light source makes it possible to create any desired functional and atmospheric ambience with the same light source. The tunable white spotlight emits no less than 800 lumens of light and has an energy consumption of less than 24 Watts. 

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The unique Glareless RGB+W spotlight has been developed especially for theatres, catering establishments, pop venues, residential homes and other environments where both dynamic and atmospheric lighting is used. This spotlight incorporates the highest quality of white LEDs (2700K with RA 95) as well as coloured LEDs (RGB).

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DYDELL is a product developer of smart, high-quality LED lighting. The reason for the development of these trimless pin spots is that we have experienced how annoying it can be when you are sitting in a room, such as a restaurant or living room, and you are blinded by the light points of the spots. Besides, we are not a fan of flashy luminaires on the ceiling. The basic light, for which the spot is often used, provides beautiful light and is inconspicuous. In this way, your furniture and other eye-catchers in the room are beautifully illuminated.

The light from our trimless spots is soft, atmospheric, multifunctional, and glare-free. The design is sleek, minimalistic, and modern because of the seamless ceiling. The trimless spots are equipped with all smart home needs. With different control systems such as 0-10 Volt, Dali, DMX, and Casambi, the unique dimmable recessed spotlights can be set to your lighting needs and operating needs. Depending on the function or time of the day. You can control your total lighting at the touch of a button.

Trimless recessed spotlights provide an extra finished feeling in homes, but the catering industry and retail also experience a lot of benefits from these spots. Think of an open bar where invisible and functional work light is desired. But the trimless spots are also very beautiful in an open kitchen because the light is only visible on the work surface. Besides, the choice for trimless recessed spotlights can also give a boost to the possible sale of your home! Shops or showrooms are also increasingly using this method of lighting. The choice for LED is a sustainable way to provide your shop or catering business with an atmosphere. The trimless recessed spotlights, which are equipped with LED, last longer and consume much less energy than, for example, halogen or LED spots in which an exchangeable light source is incorporated.


A “normal” recessed spot almost always has an edge. This edge is pressed against the ceiling to close the spot’s drill hole. Depending on the thickness of the material and the finish of the fixture, it will be visible on the ceiling. When the pin spot is processed without a plaster ring, the edge is 1mm. The trimless spotlights from DYDELLL are combined with a plaster ring and are designed in such a way that it is as invisible as possible. By incorporating the trimless spots in a plaster ring, the edge of the spot is at the same height as that of the ceiling. As a result, the spot can be neatly finished and painted over with wall paint. The result is a seamless connection between spot and ceiling.



Would you like to integrate the trimless spots seamlessly into your plaster ceiling?

Build a wooden frame to create a suspended ceiling.

  1. First organize and install the electricity in this open frame, for example by connecting the drivers to the 230V electrical points.
  2. Determine the positions where the trimless spots are desired. A lighting plan can help with this.
  3. Place the plasterboard against the frame.
  4. Drill an 88 mm hole in these plasterboards at the desired positions.
  5. Remove the adhesive strip from the supplied back wood and stick it above the ceiling, against the edge of the drill hole
  6. Then place the plaster ring in the drill hole and screw the plaster ring to the backwood with the supplied screws.
  7. DO NOT remove the cover plate placed in the ring from the plaster ring. This plate prevents the plasterwork from getting into the edge of the plaster ring
  8. Have the plasterer plaster the ceiling up to the edge of the plaster ring.
  9. Let the ceiling dry. Due to the image in the cover plate, it is always visible where the plaster rings are located.
  10. Carefully remove the cover plate from the plaster ring by inserting a small screwdriver into the eye of the cover plate. Clean the ring on the inner edge extra where necessary.
  11. Connect the spots to the electrics and carefully click the spot with spring construction into the stud rings by pressing the springs.
  12. Do you want to paint over the spot flange? Place the “insert” in the eye of the spot and lightly sand the flange. Once the flange has been painted, the insert can be carefully removed by squeezing it well on the side. NOTE: Do not let the spots burn while the insert is incorporated into the spot. At the moment this insert is only available for the Single White spot flange. Foam earplugs might be a solution for the Dual White & RGBW spots. Picture 3.
  13. If you ever want to disassemble the plaster ring, that’s no problem. A small notch has been made in the butt ring with which you can remove the spot from the butt ring with a voltage finder.
  14. For more information about mounting a trimless spotlight, see here


To create a good atmosphere, it is advisable to have a custom lighting plan made. We have a lot of experience in the beautiful and smart lighting of homes, theaters, restaurants, and healthcare institutions and are happy to advise you. A lighting plan prescribes in which position which type of light source should be used. Besides, we also have a lot of experience in the various light control systems that match the wishes and space. Based on this lighting plan, it is decided where the trimless spots can best be placed. Would you like to know more about our trimess recessed spotlights? Then contact us.


Light output

Licht output

600-800 lumen



Ø  112mm – Ø 90 (ntb) x 89 mm high

Energy usage

Energy usage

max. 24 Watt


iconen specificatie pagina_DIMBAAR




(70% after) 50.000 hours

Colour fastness

Colour fastness

RA 95

Light composition

light composition

SINGLE WHITE (2700K), DUAL WHITE (2000K-4000K) or RGB+W (2700K)

Beam angle

beam angle

20° or 40°


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