The reopening of the attractively renovated Fish restaurant De Meerplaats was on 24 April 2018. In order to have the right light at any time of the day, we have made three beautiful light settings: one for lunch time, one for dusk and one for the evening. Everyone was surprised at the large differences between these three moments in light intensity and color

temperature. This is due to the influence of daylight. As a first, we have processed seven Glareless spots behind the bar. As a guest you don’t see any disturbing light points on the ceiling, but the staff does have perfect working light behind the bar. Combined with RGBW floodlight along the walls and the RGBW LED bulbs above the tables, it has become a super atmospheric whole.


In addition to the atmospheric lighting of the restaurant, we also wanted to create more work light behind our open bar. DYDELL offered the Glareless spots as a solution. We now have perfect working light and customers really don’t see a bright spot on the ceiling when you look at the bar. Actually you have no idea where the light comes from. We are amazed how much and beautiful light comes out of this small spot-opening of 10 mm. In fact, we want to process more Glareless pin spots in our restaurant. We are very happy that we have chosen tor the unique and atmospheric lighting of DYDELL

– William. Owner of a seafood restaurant de Meerplaats –

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Lighting examples