In order to be able to escape safely when the electricity fails, the lighting installation must be connected to an emergency power supply in hazardous situations (emergency lighting). In case of nuisance or violence problems in an entertainment area, security lighting can offer a solution. It concerns additional public lighting that can be used preventively as well as de-escalating. This lighting is most efficient in a concentration area with catering and public events.


During a calamity, in which the power fails, properly functioning emergency lighting is essential for the safe evacuation of a building. The emergency light module from DYDELL offers a solution for this and a good addition to the escape route lighting. It helps prevent panic and reduces security risks.

DYDELL uses a DIN rail box that is supplied with 220 volts. This DIN rail box then supplies the light sources with 24 Volt. An “anti-panic” emergency lighting system, consisting of a battery pack, can be connected to each DIN rail cabinet. As soon as the power goes out, all connected light sources switch to the preset light mode within 15 seconds, so that people can easily find the emergency exit door. The capacity of the Powerpack is determined on the basis of the height of the building and how much light the light sources must provide, as also prescribed by the Building Decree and is at least 1 lux for 60 minutes.


All DYDELL light sources are therefore part of the “anti panic” emergency lighting system and are set in such a way that they switch to a light setting with the most light output so that the room is well lit and one can safely reach the escape route. The light sources from DYDELL therefore combine 3 functions in one light source: functional light, dynamic atmospheric light and emergency light and are a good addition to the (mandatory) escape route indication and this gives a safe feeling.


Experience shows that many customers find it pleasant if the entire lighting assignment is handled by one party. DYDELL advises, guides and implements the entire lighting project from A to Z. We go as far as you want. Starting with giving lighting advice, possibly making a calculated lighting plan, supplying luminaires with light sources and control system to taking care of the entire installation and setting the (predefined) atmospheres. But of course, partial projects are also possible. We work with very experienced and skilled installers who know all the possibilities and impossibilities of our light sources. Whether it is a matter of connecting a single pendant lamp, taking care of the entire installation on the basis of a lighting design or setting the lamps in the right moods, our experienced team of installers will take care of it professionally and competently.

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