DYDELL wants to offer more comfort with more light functionalities with its lighting system. We have prepared control options that are tailored to your wishes and control needs; from simply calling up a few atmospheres to an integration of the light in an advanced smart-home or DMX control system. DYDELL has a suitable solution for every situation. Check out here what control system suits you best.


For the tunable white Powerline we offer the opportunity to deliver this with 5 preset white light hues (including dimming mode). You can connect the Powerline to 230 Volts via an adapter. When you turn off the lamp with the ON/OFF light button and switch it on again within 1 second, the lamp shows the next preferred setting. If you switch off the lamp and do not immediately switch it on again, the lamp remembers the last setting and will show these when switching on. The 5 light settings include a functional white light scene for reading, a neutral setting for daytime and a pleasant light setting for dinner time. If you choose these preset atmospheres, it is not possible to create atmospheres yourself or to dim the lamp.


From now on, the DYDELL light sources will be equipped with Casambi (phased). As a result, we offer more comfort as well as new lighting features. Casambi makes it possible to control all DYDELL dynamic LED light sources with one Casambi app (for Apple and Android) through bluetooth, as well as other lighting products which incorporate Casambi. In doing so, every added lighting product is an improvement of the bluetooth network. The energy-efficient lighting of DYDELL can be connected to the 230 Volts mains voltage with an adapter. In addition to the app control also several other accessories are available, such as a wall-control panel, with which the lamps can be controlled manually and/or integration modules for maintaining existing switches, light sensors/motion sensors.


DYDELL PRO is the professional group control system, to which all DYDELL light sources can be connected and with which standard lighting protocols such as DMX and KNX can be controlled. All LED light sources are connected (wired) to the DIN-rail power supply box that feeds the light sources with 24 Volts. Each DIN rail box has its own 230Volts power supply with active power factor correction. The capacity of the DIN rail box is variable and is aligned to the number of light sources to be supplied.


The PRO DMX control system has been developed for theatres, pop stages and other venues where a DMX control system is available. The LED light sources are connected to a DIN rail box through a 3-pole cable that feeds and controls the lamps with 24 Volts. Every DIN rail box gets its own 230V power supply with power factor correction. Only the master DIN rail box is fitted with a DMX line.

With DYDELL DMX software it is possible to appoint channels to the LED light sources. The LED sphere gets 10 channels (R+G+B+W + dimming x 2 halves), the RGB+W Powerline gets 5 channels (per segment) and the WW-LED light sources 3 channels (Cool white, warm white and dimming). The lamps can be controlled with the DMX control system that is available on site. If manual control is preferred for, for example, the doorman or behind the bar, the DMX programme comprises of a “wall buttons” with which atmospheres can be created with a mixing console, which can then be called up manually.


PRO CONTROL is a simple control system that is often used in restaurants, offices and healthcare institutions. The LED light sources are wired (through a 3-pole cable) connected to a DIN rail box that feeds the lamps with 24 Volts and controls. Every DIN rail box gets its own 230V power supply with power factor correction. A wall mount control panel can be connected to the master DIN rail box allowing all light sources to be controlled with a single button.

The control panel is often mounted behind the reception or behind the bar. With one press of a button of the wall mounted control panel 4 different group ambiances that can be different per light source can be called up. In addition, this control panel allows you to switch ON or OFF all lamps and to dim them. For example, the lighting scene can be chosen: “pleasant light for the daytime”, “pleasant light for the evening”, a ‘theme ambiance’ and ‘cleaning light’. The person who has access to the DYDELL PRO software, determines the atmospheres behind the buttons of the control panel.


Loxone is a smart home system to which DYDELL lamps but also other devices such as your sun blinds, heater, alarm, music and energy management, can be connected and can be controlled to the “automatic pilot” as a single system. The vision of a Loxone Smart Home is that it automatically takes over all kinds of tasks from you, leaving you with more time for other important things in life. Whether you’re building, renovating, expanding or simply want to improve your home: Loxone offers both wired and wireless solutions. 


In case of a power failure, a well-functioning emergency lighting system is essential to evacuate a building safely. The DYDELL light sources can be extended with an emergency lighting module. If the voltage drops, all connected light sources switch on automatically within 5 seconds. For at least 60 minutes the LED lamps give at least 1 lux on the floor allowing safe evacuation.


Would you like to experience what light can do for your offices? Please contact us to make an obligation-free appointment, so that we can let you experience it for yourself. A pleasant ambiance starts with the right light source.