Have you always dreamed of controlling all your existing as well as new lighting as one group comfortably from your chair with your smartphone? From now on, DYDELL incorporates the Casambi wireless lighting system in its LED lighting products. The Casambi solution is based on Bluetooth Low Energy and allows you to control all DYDELL dynamic LED light sources, as well as other lighting products in which Casambi is used, with one Casambi app (for Apple and Android) via bluetooth. In addition to the app control, also various accessories are available, such as a wall control panel and wall plugs for existing lighting, which allow manual operation of the lamps.


Would you like a sustainable lighting solution (24 Volts)? Are you unable to lay electricity cable (or you don’t want to)? Would you like to save on your expensive installation costs to achieve a light management in your home? Then choose the Casambi wireless lighting control! The DYDELL dynamic lighting can be connected to the existing 230 Volts electrical wiring with an adapter. By way of the bluetooth chip incorporated in the DYDELL lighting products, you control the lamps with the Casambi lighting system, consisting of an App (Android & Apple) for tablets, smartphones, smart watches and several accessories such as a wall control panel.


Together, all Casambi products form a wireless network whose communication is strengthened. Since Bluetooth Low Energy is already incorporated in smartphones and tablets, no additional gateway is required for communication between the app and the lamp network. An internet connection is therefore not required.

The lighting with Casambi can be controlled with smartphones, tablets, smart watches, push buttons, light sensors, ON/OFF light buttons or the wireless Casambi wall button (Xpress). Even your existing wall switches can be used. By adding a wall socket-plug or a CBU block with Casambi to your product, it will be possible to connect all (existing) lighting and lighting accessories with each other. Any lamp you have – flush-mounted, surface-mounted, wall lamp or pendant lamp, halogen or DYDELL LED – can all be controlled with the Casambi App.


With the Casambi app control (for Apple as Android devices), you can control the lamps with your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. The app is very user-friendly.

Depending on the type of lamp, you can easily adjust the colour, the white balance and the dimming mode of the lamp. You can add all individual lamps to a “group” to which you then assign atmospheres. In addition, the app features convenient timer functionalities that allow you to set exactly how and when the lights should turn on or off, for example when the sun rises or sets. Enclosed you can find all features in a row:

Dim the lighting – lighting group – Configure, save and revoke scenes –Configure, store and recall animations – Use the scheme to revoke scenes or animations based on time and date– Adjust colours– Adjust the colour temperature– Use motion sensors – take photos of your spaces and immediately add lighting to your photo – Take sunrise and sunset into account when determining timers – status information provided by the system available – update online firmware


Xpress is a wireless wall button that can be configured with the Casambi app. The four buttons can be used to set up scenes or animations. Whether it’s about a lamp, switching on a group of lamps or starting a dynamic light animation of a group of lamps, it can be assigned to the Xpress button via the app.

Xpress dimming buttons. By tapping the ‘dim down’ button, the chosen luminaire or group of fixtures moves to 0%. If the “dim up” button is pressed once, the luminaire or group of luminaires moves to 100%. The Xpress is supplied with a wall mounting plate that can be glued. The switch is battery-powered so it can be mounted on any desired location.


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