A pleasant atmosphere always starts with the right light. DYDELL develops and produces innovative, sustainable and dynamic lighting for homes, catering, shops, healthcare institutions and offices. Light sources allow to create different kinds of white light as ambient light. Lighting a space well is a profession and we are glad to help you in a professional way; from a lighting plan, delivering the right light source with control system to taking care of the installation. DYDELL is the link between a light source and a great lighting experience.


The right lighting in a hotel ensures that visitors are welcomed with hospitality. Whether it concerns conference delegates or overnight visitors a pleasant ambiance in a hotel starts with choosing the right and energy-efficient lighting.


Good office lighting reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and improves the mood of employees. By adjusting the amount of light, the dimming mode and the colour of the (white) light of a workplace to the time of day, or to the changing functions in your offices, the employees’ behaviour is directly influenced, enabling them to work better.


The ambiance in a bar or restaurant is determined by the right lighting, but it can be tricky to get the right light. It’s essential to create an atmosphere that matches the time of day. It is therefore recommended to call in a specialist to provide dynamic and flexible restaurant lighting.


The ambiance in a home is largely determined by the lighting. If you are planning on renovating your home, it is highly recommended to call in a light consultant to customise a lighting plan for you. This includes advice onwhich light source is required to functionally and pleasantly illuminate your home with pendant lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps or spotlights.


The primary aim of any retail outlet is to attract clients and stimulate buying behaviour. Good lighting ensures that perishables such as fish, meat and bread are presented in an attractive and fresh way, clients enjoy the changing rooms in fashion outlets and the collections are well lit. Therefore, choose an expert in the field of retail lighting.


The right lighting can have a positive effect on the well being and the quality of life of the elderly. In addition, biodynamic lighting/ Human Centric Lighting stimulates their day and night. With the powerful anddynamic lighting of DYDELL the appropriate light for each activity can easily be customised and changed when required.


Theatres are impressive and stylish locations that are perfectly suited to various purposes, both in the evenings as well as during the day. The DYDELL dynamic theatre lighting makes it easy to create the appropriate ambience in wardrobes, foyers and concert halls. The control can be arranged among other things with DMX.


Implementing LED lighting is a discipline in its own right. Whether it’s about realising lighting in a unique luminaire or designing an OEM lighting solution for a product, there are many factors that need to be taken into account. Thanks to years of experience in LED lighting, you are at the right address at DYDELL. Please contact us if you have a lighting problem or a special light idea.


Lighting a space well is an art, which requires specific knowledge and experience with LED lighting. Whether it involves making a lighting plan, providing the right light source or taking care of the installation, we will be happy to help you. DYDELL is the expert and professional link between a simple light source and a great lighting experience.