Do you have a company, catering establishment, or healthcare institution, or do you use professional lighting? Then you probably have high requirements for your project. Obviously, the project lighting must be of high quality, with a long lifespan, and be energy efficient. A beautiful light image that can be dimmed perfectly, and you may also want insight into the data of the lighting. DYDELL is a product developer of smart, energy-efficient, and changeable LED lighting, which is used very successfully as project lighting in catering establishments, homes, healthcare institutions, theatres, and companies. Would you like to know what DYDELL can do for you? Contact us.


Project lighting is a collective term for professional lighting of high quality, both indoors and outdoors, which is used as a “project”. The most common projects are renovations and new construction, and renovation projects of, for example, offices, theatres, restaurants, hotels, care institutions, and residential homes. Light is often part of the bigger picture. However, it may also be the case that project lighting will only make the existing lighting more sustainable.

Larger projects often consist of different types of lighting that must be combined and often controlled with one control system. You can think of a combination of both outdoor and indoor lighting, functional and atmospheric light, and decorative and emergency lighting. It differs per situation what kind of lighting is needed. For example, a catering establishment needs atmospheric lighting, while in a healthcare facility, hotel corridors, public spaces, and workplaces there is a NEN standard that prescribes how much light is necessary for these spaces. Every situation is different and depending on the function of a room or the type of company, different project lighting must be used. DYDELL’s high-quality project lighting is used in various industries.

DYDELL is happy to take care of every form of project lighting. We can provide lighting advice, but also think along with fellow light architects, we supply the light sources with control systems and, if desired, guide your installer.

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There is no specific application for a type of lighting. This is because DYDELL has a lot of different types of lighting, which are available for different projects. The most important thing is that the space of the project has the right types of lighting. So, the way the lighting in a healthcare institution should be is different than how the lighting in a restaurant should be. For example, an (elderly) care institution must meet certain lighting requirements. It is important that there is enough light to do certain activities or when eating. In a catering establishment, professional LED lighting is essential for an optimal experience for customers. Did you know that warm and atmospheric light can even lead to more sales?

The most important thing is that lighting must be seen as a tailored service, this way every moment of the day can be used as productively as possible without a lack of good lighting.

Project lighting is tailor-made, and a suitable solution must therefore be sought for each situation.


An important part of a pleasant workplace is lighting. Lighting is therefore part of the ergonomics of a workplace. This means that lighting must be properly coordinated so that people can function optimally in a room. The right lighting, for example above a desk, ensures the right working situations, higher productivity, and well-being, and you come home less tired.

Ergonomics is extremely important because it ensures that your employees can work in a healthy space. In addition to the standard things such as a good office chair and enough fresh air, project lighting also plays a major role in ergonomics. When a room has wrong lighting, and it is too dark, employees will become sleepy due to the decrease in a certain hormone, and they will not be productive. When a room has the right lighting, employees become energized and therefore more productive.

Read more about stimulating work performance with the help of light here.

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There is also a difference between cool and warm light. Daylight, also known as cool light, is between 4000K and 5500K and will ensure higher productivity. This makes it important to choose cool light in areas where people work. Warm light creates more coziness and peace and can positively influence inducing sleep in the elderly. So warm light can be chosen in areas such as a kitchen where employees can relax or in other areas where you want to relax.

A combination of cool and warm white light, which follows the rhythm of daylight, as it were, is called Human Centric lighting, or biodynamic light. Independent research has shown that Human Centric lighting has a positive influence on people’s well-being, that elderly people maintain a better day and night rhythm, and that absenteeism is reduced. Biodynamic light is often used in institutions for the elderly and office buildings.


Project lighting such as DYDELL’s can offer many advantages because it can provide insightful information of the lifespan of your smart lighting:

It can provide insights into the lifespan of your smart lighting;

It offers comfort because the scenes can change fully automatically;

Ambient lighting from DYDELL can also be used as emergency lighting, reducing your energy consumption, and therefore your costs.

Are you curious about DYDELL’s project lighting? View the possibilities of our Glareless pin spot, the Powerline, and the powerful LED sphere here. Do you have other special wishes? DYDELL also supplies many custom lighting solutions. Contact us.


To create a nice and cozy atmosphere, it is important to choose the right light. DYDELL develops and produces sustainable, dynamic, and innovative lighting for various projects. From offices to catering, to shops, to healthcare institutions and homes, DYDELL has the right project lighting for you! Choosing the right lighting for a specific project is an art, and we can help you with that. We create the desired atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. We professionally consider your wishes, budget, and additional costs. From a lighting plan to supplying the right light source with a control system to organizing the installation. DYDELL is the link between a light source and a fantastic light experience.


Would you like to find out what the right lighting can do for your hotel? Please contact us to make an obligation-free appointment, so that we can let you experience it for yourself. A pleasant ambiance starts with the right light source.