Theater Kunstline Almere has its statistics TL-wardrobe version of the large theater hall, modified WW (2000K-500K), RGB and RGB + W Powerlines 35 from DYDELL. Above the wardrobe and stairs, there are 2 adjustable white lines placed between cool (5000K) and warm-white (2000K) light. There are RGB + W lines at the top and bottom of the stairs that can be dimmed per line section and create a matching atmosphere. We have opted for the atmospheric lighting of the walls of the cupboard

an RGB line. The wardrobe can be placed in the desired ambiance, depending on the type of show. Part of the Powerlines with an emergency light module is also available, which can be equipped with a power pack. There is a calamity of voltage drops, these LED lines are always off for the duration of an hour, so that the space remains lit and people can leave safely. DYDELL database therefore 3 functions in 1 light source: functional, clear and emergency lighting.

tegel bedrijfsfilm-01
Lighting examples