Restaurant de Olive Tree House encountered problems in getting their restaurant to be atmospheric. They lit candles and Christmas lights. Men had stuck orange tape on the indirect line light in the ceiling to make the light more atmospheric. People wondered how they could approach light more professionally. In consultation with the Olive Tree House, we looked at how we could illuminate the space nicely but attractively with small adjustments. The line light in the ceiling has been replaced for

the RGB + W Powerline. There is also an additional LED line placed behind the couch for grazing light over the wall. To give more room and to bend and leave, 3 rattan lamps have been incorporated which are equipped with an RGB + W LED light bulb. With all light sources, light scenes are made switches men can evoke the right mood depending on the time of day. DYDELL has taken care of everything from advice to installation. Read the stories of the Olive Tree house here.

The contact with Carolien and Kobbe began when they visited our Olive Tree House Restaurant  for dinner. We didn’t really talk about lights but we spoke of ambience and then came the information that they do lights and can show us a few things. As we were not aware what they actually do we asked ourselves how we could go about doing something that could improve the experience of our clients and give a characteristic ambience and atmosphere. Without actually engaging in an effort to make a sale on their side we made an appointment on location discussed mainly what we seek to achieve and saw some possible solutions and without any pressure or difficulty. Carolien and Kobbe came around with a possible action plan. Timely, precise and surgical! Surgical indeed! Two people that worked numerous hours in just two days with surgical precision in order to overcome all sorts of technical issues and in a restaurant that after those two days had to have the lights on, be clean and tidy to welcome its guests. To cut long short, they nailed it! Did it!

From the very first day with the new lights they did make an impression both to us and also to our clients. It’s been quite a few times that they even ask, where, who, how…The implementation, set up and operation is easy, programmable and not above all it does pay back as we ve already seen significant savings in our electricity bill.

The experience and contact was top notch, the service was great, the result issurpasable. If I recommend them…I think it’s profound but can make it even more. Yes I do! And if we had to do anything other with lights… I ll call them first!

Nikolas & Katerina (Olive Tree house)

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