Restaurant FRIS is part of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe (JRE) that culinary craftsmanship with a passion for European gastronomy and respect for local traditions and products. These culinary dishes are served in a pleasant and atmospheric ambiance. The FRIS restaurant in Haarlem had incorporated fluorescent lighting into its coves and into their acoustic fixtures made from linen cloths. Fris regularly experienced problems with the dimming of the TL and giving the TL lines

different colors of white so no homogeneous light image. Detour with RGB-W Powerline from DYDELL. They have actually created different atmospheres. A dim warm atmosphere for the evening, a lighter scene for the day and a setting for cleaning. At Fris you can enjoy delicious food in a beautiful ambiance. Watch the video about the Nespresso Tasting Event in restaurant Fris.

The most common reaction is actually on the canvases on the ceiling. In the time the fluorescent tube lighting people could not appreciate the cloths very much or did not see the point of it. Now with the new lighting people look at it with much more pleasure. Guests who have not been for a long time come in and wonder if the restaurant has been renovated. No ma’am, only minor adjustments. The nice thing is that she does notice something, but not immediately that the atmosphere is immediately changed by the lighting. But as soon as you tell them, they say ohhh .. yeah nice improvement. So positive response!

Contact with DYDELL top, super at next restaurant definitely lighting via Dydell. If we have a malfunction or there is something we immediately have contact and it will be resolved in no time!

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