The Philharmonie in Haarlem has become familiar territory for us in recent years because we have previously been able to use the artists’ foyer, the bar, the entrance and despite the Glareless spot in the small hall. All these products were wired with the DMX. Because it is an existing building and the focus is always on making it more sustainable, we were confronted with a more difficult issue for which we luckily had a solution. Fluorescent beams were incorporated in the beautiful wooden walls of the Philharmonie, which formed a pattern over the walls. Because these TLs no longer meet their light standards, it is difficult to replace them at great heights and no new cabling could be installed, we went looking for a new solution. If it is a wish that LED should be able to change in different shades of white or color or that it should be possible to dim it nicely, without it starts to flicker, an operating system is always required. 

Because we had to elaborate on the existing 230V electrical points within this “wall lighting issue”, it was not possible to control these lines with DMX. DYDELL has been a partner from the very beginning of the wireless Casambi operating system. Unlike other suppliers, DYDELL integrates the chip of this bluetooth mach system (optional) in its light products such as the Powerline. As a result, we emptied the existing wall fixture of the Philharmonie and incorporated our RGB+W line profile with Casambi control system. The LED line is powered via a small power supply that converts 230V to 24V. Thanks to the bluetooth mach system, the lines communicate with each other and can be controlled both individually and as a group. In addition to setting the lines, it is also possible to create changeable animations, scenes and timers so that the lines can easily change shape.

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Lighting examples