How do you create good and pleasant lighting in an office that will be located in a monumental church? Difficult because you can’t just screw a screw in the ceiling or pull new pipes. We have therefore incorporated our powerful LED sphere between the vaults of this church, so that the top of the LED sphere beautifully illuminates the vaults and the bottom of the sphere, the office of good functional light

provides. Because the Casambi control system is integrated into the sustainable and energy-efficient LED bulb, the lamp can be connected directly to the existing 230V electrical points and Funcke thus gains access to Human Centric lighting, timers functions, preferred settings and other ingenious light functionalities.

The collaboration with DYDELL went smoothly, we are very satisfied with the end result! It is pleasant to adjust the intensity of the light from the LED bulb. This way we can use the perfect light for every activity! The result is great, keep up the good work!

Sanne van Doorn – Funcke

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