Imagine a beautifully atmospherically single white (2700K) illuminated space, where only small PIN-hole of 12 mm is visible in your floating ceiling. You will not see a fixture, only the 10 mm eye in your ceiling. You can realize this unique light image with the distinctive contra-construction of the Glareless pin spot, that is mounted above the ceiling.

Imagine standing in a beautifully illuminated room, with no glare on the ceiling and no way of knowing where the light is coming from. The innovative, durable and highly efficient Glareless Pin Spot is the way to achieve this. The LED light source is incorporated in the luminaire and the optic is arranged in such a way that it transmits the light through an opening of only 10mm. The LED light source is not visible, which means there is no glare – making it unique in its kind.

The single colour Glareless spotlight incorporates warm white LEDs of 2700k with a colour fastness of 90. The LED spotlight emits 600 lumens of light and consumes only 24 Watts of energy. An opening of 10mm creates beautiful homogeneous lighting which can be dimmed steplessly through a Casambi external driver.

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