DYDELL offers the “PREMIUM LED bulb” for residential homes and catering establishments where a pleasant ambiance is much appreciated but whose tables and bars must be functionally illuminated so that the beans remain green and the orange juice orange. The upper half of the Premium LED bulb is equipped with RGB + W which, in addition to white light, can also create an atmosphere to the ceiling. The bottom of the LED bulb is used for functional lighting of tables.

This tunable white half can switch from cool white to warm white light, so that the product can be put in the right light. Both halves can be set in no time with the desired ambiance and can be continuously dimmed with, among other things, the wireless control system from Casambi. This control system is integrated in the LED bulb, so that it only needs to be supplied with 24 Volts. The LED bulb can also be perfectly controlled with Casambi with DMX or via DMX with KNX or Loxone.

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