This modern wooden pendant lamp already radiates heat when the LED-sphere is off. The LED-sphere allows you to vary in the atmospheres you give to space.

The Dydell light source can be arranged through your Apple (mobile) from warm white to all other colours or combination. Or select from your set favourites using a wall switch. For example, the top can radiate the warm white and give the underside a cosy glow from the Cascade. The Cascade of light is a showpiece in any hall or living room.

The Cascade of Light has a dimension of 420 mm and 1350 mm high.  The modern wooden pendant lamp takes the light and radiates it, colouring the wood on the inside with the chosen colour setting. The Cascade of light shines exclusively through its model, the beautiful curved wood has a natural shine. The ceiling rosette is easy to mount on any built-in box or directly from the ceiling and offers space for the power supply and Wi-Fi controller.