Bistro La Croûte is located in a beautiful characteristic building in Warmond and is renowned for its fantastic steaks prepared in the special wood oven. The plans for the renovation of the relatively dark building were accelerated by the Corona lock down. So we had to switch quickly. The purpose of the renovation was to create more unity in the front and rear part of the restaurant, with an interior in the year 2020, great music and of course there had to be an atmospheric ambiance in the bistro. Given DYDELL’s rich experience in the atmospheric lighting of catering establishments, we had the honor of advising La Croute on how Kiki and Arjen La Croute could create a functional but attractive ambiance in their restaurant. The restaurant consists of 3 parts, namely the authentic front, which was characterized by a high ceiling with beams, high wooden paneling and a bar. The center piece was once an inner garden and has a lower ceiling under which the kitchen with wood oven is situated. This middle section also serves as a passage to the rear part of the restaurant. This rear part is characterized by a super high curved ceiling, paneling and a beautiful work of art on the wall.

For atmospheric lighting of the front and rear areas, we have incorporated RGB + W indirect grazing light on the wainscoting, bringing the walls and the entire space to life. To illuminate the curved ceiling, we have used our special “Indirect Wall Profile” that directs the light beautifully over the rounded ceiling. Line light has also been incorporated under the bar and in the cupboards of the bar. For working light at the coffee machine, behind the bar and when dispensing in the kitchen, glare-free Glareless pin spots have been incorporated which can of course be perfectly dimmed. To illuminate the tables in the high spaces at the front and rear of the restaurant well and attractively, the LED sphere has been used. These have been incorporated in various semi-open fixtures. Because the LED sphere consists of two hemispheres, a beautiful play of direct and indirect light has been created. In addition, hanging luminaires in a restaurant bring a lot of cosiness and security for the guests sitting at the table. This certainly applies to restaurants with high ceilings. Everything is controlled wirelessly with the Casambi operating system. What a beautiful end result it has become! In this atmospheric restaurant it is an experience to eat a delicious steak.

We have experienced the contact with DYDELL as very pleasant. They have advised us expertly and we are very happy with the elaboration of the lighting plan in our restaurant. When we now think back to the old situation, we realize how dark it was then. The reactions of our guests to the lighting are very positive. We have already heard several times that our guests also want the LED bulbs at home. All light sources processed in the restaurant are controlled as a group with the Casambi wireless control system. This control system offers many smart light functionalities such as a timer function with which stored light scenes can flow from one to the other fully automatically. In addition, adjusting and dimming the lighting is easy and the Casambi APP is easy to use. We are proud of the attractive end result and are happy that we chose DYDELL.

Kiki – Restaurant La Croûte

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