Collage Kaag and Braassem

Kaag and van Braassem

Restaurant ‘Tussen Kaag & Braassem’ is located on the beautiful ring canal between the Westeinderplassen and the Kagerplassen. What a beautiful location in the Green Heart! Due to the large high windows and the sun-resistant stripes in the upper part of the glass, it appeared that in the dark months of the year passers-by found it difficult to see if the restaurant was open. So there was a need for a view from the outside and atmosphere from the inside. DYDELL knows how to handle that. The trick is to make use of the beautiful height of the building, but also to create cosiness and atmosphere by providing good mood lighting for the guests.

The LED sphere offered the solution. A total of 31 LED bulbs have been playfully incorporated into the restaurant and the Molenzaal. Oval fixtures above the regular table, industrial lamps and rattan rooster baskets of 1 meter wide are combined with each other. Because the LED light sphere consists of two hemispheres that can provide both indirect and direct light, various functional and atmospheric light scenes for the restaurant have been created with the Casambi control system. Depending on the moment the sun sets, the light automatically adjusts to the right atmosphere. If that’s not “smart”.

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