In March 2022, the Castellum theater in Alphen a/d Rijn opened after a lengthy renovation. Following the design of M2R, all areas around the large and small hall, such as corridors, foyers and cloakroom, have been overhauled. The entrance to the cinema has been moved and all foyers and walking routes have been made more accessible, more modern and more atmospheric. Where people originally encountered a dull wardrobe, seats and reading tables have now been placed and there is a direct connection to the café.

The aim was to create a cozy environment where the audience could meet each other before the performance and chat with a glass of wine and beer after the performance. DYDELL had the honor to illuminate all these spaces, custom furniture and good & atmospheric.

The entrance, cloakroom and some foyers are very low. These spaces require an invisible, serene, non-dazzling spot. The minimalist Glareless pin spot from DYDELL has therefore been applied here. Unfortunately, there were no built-in options in the higher foyers, so the surface-mounted version of the pin spot has been incorporated. To create an extra atmosphere, indirect RGBW linear light has been incorporated in all foyers, behind custom-made benches, in coves and edges, which transforms the walls into an atmospheric ambiance. The slim PL25 profile with colored light has also been used in the bar cabinets and under the bar top. The Glareless pin spot has also been incorporated to beautifully illuminate the bar top. All lighting is controlled with the Casambi control system. Each foyer has a tablet that can be used to control it and to easily save and recall preferred settings.

“What a beautiful atmospheric lighting”

– Rudy van Loo – Theater Technic Castellum –