Residential building

Fellow Lightman Marco Post reported to DYDELL because he had major renovation plans for his home. One of the light sources he wanted to use were spots. Only he often found it too flashy and too dazzling in the eye. He was looking for something invisible and minimalistic. Happily, he was at the right address at DYDELL.

On the basis of the floor plans and the new layout of his house, a lightplan has been made. This takes into account the various functions in his house such as cooking, watching TV, dining, etc. Based on this, a proposal was made about how different the space could be illuminated with different beautiful light sources.

For the lighting of the kitchen and the paintings was the Glareless pin spot chosen. Because the LEDs have been ingeniously incorporated in the spot, so it created an invisible light that does not dazzle when you look into the room. That for a seamless ceiling result. The spot is also incorporated in a plaster ring. So, that the spots can blend into the ceiling.

The Dual kitchen LED line has been incorporated into the robust kitchen shelf for atmospheric and even illumination of the worktop. This LED line can be switched from functional white light to super atmospheric warm white light. The LED bulb was also a must in this interior. This is really the mood maker of a space. The LED bulb is incorporated in the wooden Tree of light floor lamp by Rene Onwezen. All lamps are controlled wirelessly with the Casambi control system. And what a beautiful and attractive end result it has become!

When we decided to renovate our house, the contractor asked if we also wanted built-in spotlights in the ceiling. We were never very fond of the spots because they are visible, give large white spots in the ceiling and white spots on the floor everywhere. Then I came across Dydell with its narrow recessed spotlights, the perfect solution for us. You hardly see the spots, they shine a light on your worktop and not around it. Our kitchen supplier wanted to supply us with 3 spots on the shelf. I had already heard that the color red did not color well with Chinese LED spots, but Dydell has the perfect solution for this too. They made a 3-meter LED line for us that fits exactly into the shelf. Now, after six months, we are very satisfied with Dydell’s lighting and we send all our acquaintances and family members to Carolien and Kobbe.

Marco and Nicoline Post

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