Restaurant Bodega is located in a characteristic building on the Gedempte Oude Gracht in Haarlem. Eating in the Bodega means taking time for each other, at a table with surprising Spanish dishes, and enjoying a good glass of wine in a cozy and attractive atmosphere.

DYDELL has a rich experience in lighting the catering industry. For that reason, Rick and Anja approached us about how they can make their new restaurant, in addition to the already existing dimmable LED lamps, more atmospheric and more visible from the outside with warm light.

It is important for the beautiful lighting of the catering industry that dimmable LED lamps must always be used, which mainly provide sufficient and warm light with a lot of contrast. This contrast can be made with one of our RGBW LED lamps.

Catering entrepreneurs often think that this warm light means “little” and dimmed light. However, customers find it annoying when they have to read the menu with their mobile because there is too little light. So a nice balance has to be found between the amount of light and the color of the light. The warm light that we have used in the Bodega has been created with our smart LED bulb. This smart LED sphere consists of two half spheres that can indirectly illuminate the ceiling with atmospheric colored warm light, while the table is illuminated with warm white light.

For the ultimate and atmospheric Spanish feeling, a cold cañavan Moritz and delicious pinchos in an attractive atmosphere, Bodega is the right place for you.

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