The Airport Library at Schiphol is the place between lounge 2 and 3 where intercontinental travelers who do not have enough time to leave the airport can, after passport control, become acquainted with Dutch culture and literature.

The two large pieces of furniture of the Airport Library  are made of ‘discarded novels’ that have been used as ‘book-stones’. A library built from books. In library furniture, various bookcases have been included in which DYDELL’s dynamic LED-line lighting has been incorporated. Discarded train seats from the NS (Dutch Railways) have been re-upholstered and installed and provided

with perforated steel lamps in which our high-tech LED bulbs have been processed.

In addition to the excellent reading light in the library of the CPNB, Jos de Krieger from Superuse studios wanted to create atmospheres that may reflect current topicalities during the year. For example, the library may change shape by adjusting the light. For instance, in case of sports successes (orange), themed exhibitions about water (blue) or nature (green) or events of the CPNB (book week, etc). A beautiful cradle2cadle project that uses discarded materials in which innovative and sustainable lighting is incorporated.

tegel bedrijfsfilm-01
Lighting examples