We have been one of the first customers of DYDELL’s LED-Sphere. With the special customization of the Gipsen Slingerlamp which we transformed into a floor lamp, it became a real atmospheric eye catcher. A good lighting scene with the right light makes a huge difference in your home. Now that we are building our own new residence in consultation with our architect, it was a no-brainer to ask DYDELL to deliver the unique lighting solutions with control system. The experience with Carolien and Kobbe is always professional and completely customer focused. 


One could think that making a lighting plan for a house or building is not important. Far from that!  to place the right light sources in the right position in your house is a profession in its own right and makes the difference. Each iteration we came back to the original plan supporting the fact that they know what they do! Our plan is having the right lines of light, sufficient mixing of light sources and the customization in each room to highlight all details. The contact was great and they listen to our feedback and pick-up on the details of the conversation. This results in getting a full personalized offer that suits your needs. I will be a proud ambassador for DYDELL here in Germany and I am looking forward to our first night in our new house to see how it all fits together! 


– Melchior

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