For lovers of minimalist design spots, we offer the modern and trimless LED spots. The LED spots are seamlessly incorporated into the ceiling with a plaster in lights. We work with a construction that is clicked into the shoring ring. For the single white spot, there is even an ‘insert’ available that you can place in the opening of the spot, so that the trimless spot can be painted over in the same color as the ceiling. You can read more about our trimless spots below.


Trimless spots are recessed spots without visible edges in the ceiling. By first processing a plaster ring in the suspended ceiling, which is lubricated by the plasterer, a ceiling with rings is created. These rings have a recess in which the spot can be concealed. This allows the trimless spots to become one with the plaster and paint work. The minimalistic design trimless spots from DYDELL are then incorporated into a molding ring.


Because the light is crossed in the pin spot, an air beam of 20 and 40 degrees enters through a hole of only 10 millimeters. You are not blinded by the light from the spot when you look into the room. The trimless spots ensure a super sleek and calm-looking ceiling, where the trimless spots blend seamlessly into the ceiling. This gives beautiful and ‘invisible’ basic light. Our trimless spots are successfully used in homes, hotels, offices, retail, elderly care and the catering industry.

trimless spots
trimless spots


Our LED trimless spots are durable, energy efficient and illuminate a room optimally, so that you are not blinded by the light, and you cannot see where the light is coming from. This is caused by the light being crossed. Because the LEDs are permanently incorporated in the trimless spot and therefore no exchangeable light source is used, this means that you can enjoy our high-quality trimless LED spots for years. The exclusive trimless spots are available in single white, which gives one color of warm light. The warm white (2700k) LEDs are used as standard in the single white spot. Various other color temperatures are also available on request, such as the 3000k or 4000k. The single-color spots are 70 millimeters high and can be dimmed perfectly with various control systems. The LED trimless spots provide up to 800 lumens of light and consume only 24 Watts of energy.


In addition to the single white trimless spots, we also have the dual white spots. These recessed spots can go from functional white light to super warm white light and can be dimmed perfectly. We also have trimless RGBW spots. In addition to warm white basic light (2700K), colored light can also be added through the 10 millimeters. Trimless spots give an extra finished touch in homes, but the catering industry and retail also experience many benefits from these spots. Think of an open bar where invisible and functional work light is desired. Our trimless spots also look great in an open kitchen because the light is only visible on the work surface. In addition, the choice for trimless spots can also give a boost to the possible sale of your house! Choosing LED is a sustainable way to provide your shop or catering business with the right atmosphere. The trimless spots, which are equipped with LED, last longer and consume much less energy than, for example, halogen or LED spots in which an exchangeable light source has been incorporated.

trimless spots


DYDELL is a product developer of smart, high-quality LED lighting. The reason for the development of these trimless pin spots is that we have experienced ourselves how annoying it can be if you are sitting in a room, such as a restaurant or living room, and you are blinded by the light points in the ceiling. The basic light in het trimless spot gives beautiful light and is modest. Your furniture and other eye-catchers in the room are beautifully illuminated with our spots.


The light of our trimless spots is soft, atmospheric, multifunctional, and glare-free. The design is sleek, minimalistic, and modern. The trimless spots are equipped with all smart home needs, with different control systems such as 0-10 Volt, Dali, DMX and Casambi. Our unique dimmable recessed spots can be set to your light needs and operating wishes. Depending on the function or time of day. With one push on a button, you can control your total lighting.


An ‘ordinary’ recessed spot almost always has an edge. This edge is pressed against the ceiling to close the drill hole of the spotlight. Depending on the thickness of the material and the finish of the fixture, it is visible against the ceiling. DYDELLL’s trimless spots are combined with a molding ring and are designed in such a way that they are invisible as much as possible. By processing the trimless spots in a plaster ring, the edge of the spot is at the same height as that of the ceiling. This allows the spot to be neatly finished and painted over. The result is a seamless ceiling, in which the spots are processed.

trimless spots
trimless spots


A trimless spot fitting can be defined as a plastered-in fitting — which means that the light fitting doesn’t have trim and is buried in the ceiling. These spots sheds light seamlessly without showing any round or square edge surrounding it. Do you want to integrate the trimless spots seamlessly in your plaster ceiling? We are specialists and know how to implement trimless spots. Leave it to us when you want lighting that is all about class, elegance, and sophistication.

trimless spots


To create a good atmosphere, it is advisable to have a custom lighting plan made. We have a lot of experience in the beautiful and smart lighting of homes, theatres, restaurants, and healthcare institutions and are happy to advise you. A lighting plan prescribes in which position which type of light source should be applied. In addition, we also have a lot of experience in the various light control systems. Based on a lighting plan, we together decide where the trimless spots can best be placed. Would you like to know more about our trimless spots? Please contact us. We are happy to help you.