Recently, the two-star restaurant De Bokkedoorns in Overveen has been stylishly renovated to the FG-style interior design. DYDELL was asked to make a lighting plan within this design for atmospheric and functional lighting of, among other things, the restaurant. We took several things into account when creating the lighting design. For example, we want the experience of the guest to start as soon as he or she enters the restaurant. This can be achieved by means of an eye-catcher, but also by creating a blanket of atmosphere by, for example, applying indirect light by illuminating the ceiling in an attractive way. When the guests are seated at their table, they must not be disturbed by connecting spots when they look into the restaurant. In addition, there must be sufficient functional but also atmospheric light on the table, so that the menu can be read well and the culinary dish can also be admired. In the design of the Bokkedoorns, the continuously dimmable Dual White LED spot was therefore chosen.

With the Casambi App, both functional daylight and mood lighting can be easily called up. For a seamless result, the dimmable spots are incorporated in a plaster ring that is plastered away in the ceiling. As a result, the flange of the spot, which is sprayed in the same color of the ceiling, falls away, so that only 10 mm eyelets are visible. Because the light source is integrated in the LED spot and the warm light is crossed by means of an optic in the spot, a kind of “invisible light” is created that does not dazzle when guests look into the restaurant. The positions of the Dual White LED spot are determined in such a way that it illuminates the tables perfectly with the 40 degree light beam. Tiltable LED spots have also been incorporated to illuminate the paintings and flower arrangements. With the wireless Casambi smart home system, the smart lighting from DYDELL can be perfectly controlled and atmospheres can be easily stored.

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Lighting examples