For some people, “sustainability” means sacrificing comfort. Our motivation is to show that sustainability can go hand in hand with more comfort! In our view, the LED bulb, which is screwed into an incandescent lamp socket and now offered as a sustainable alternative to replace the incandescent lamp, is not designed to cool LEDs. Without proper cooling of the LEDs, the lifespan decreases and the light eventually turns cold blue because the phosphor layer on the LED evaporates. An LED pear with heat sink also hinders the light image and the maximum cooling capacity keeps the amount of light very limited.


Our LED light bulb does not use a fitting and cools internally, resulting in:

• a beautiful all-round light image
• stable light temperature (color of the light)
• a lifespan of up to 50,000 burning hours (approximately 30 years).


  • The LED light sphere from DYDELL can be provided with warm white (2700K or 2000K) + colored (RGB) light per hemisphere. For example, an accent color can be made to the ceiling while active white light shines down.
  • The light output is relatively large: 1721 Lumen (= equivalent of 130 Watt incandescent lamp) and consumes only 25 Watt of energy.
  • DYDELL’s LED light bulb does not contain any polluting mercury, as is the case with energy-saving lamps.
  • When the LED light sphere from DYDELL is dimmed, you actually save on energy consumption. This is often not the case with traditional wall dimmers. DYDELL makes your savings transparent on the “energy page” of the Smartphone app. The total burning hours and average consumption are also shown here. When you enter the energy rate, you can also calculate what your LED bulb has cost in energy.
  • Thanks to the innovative “LED Lifetime Protector”, the lifespan of the LED bulb can be up to 30 years. The LED Lifetime Protector is a combination of the unique heat dissipation system and the dimming functionality, which is activated when an inadmissible temperature of the LEDs is reached. In this way, a long lifespan can be realized and the LED bulb lasts approximately 50,000 hours. That is 25 times longer than a light bulb.


The EIA is a tax scheme which the dutch government supports entrepreneurs in investing in sustainable energy and energy-saving business assets. With the EIA scheme, entrepreneurs can deduct 45% of the investment costs of energy-saving business assets from the taxable profit.


DYDELL HOME is DYDELL’s WiFi operating system. Each LED light sphere can be linked to the WiFi home network, which can then be operated with the DYDELL smartphone app (per lamp). This gives you access to various ingenious light functionalities such as color therapy, soft tones and a light management module.

Let’s talk about light

Would you like to experience what the lighting concept of DYDELL can do for your situation? Please contact us to make an appointment, so that we can let you experience it for yourself. Obviously, entirely non-binding. A pleasant atmosphere starts with the right light source.