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DYDELL PRO: professional control system, to control multiple LED spheres

DYDELL PRO: your professional group control system

DYDELL PRO is a unique control system, allowing you to control large groups of LED spheres. In locations such as offices, hospitals and hotels, LED spheres can be assigned to self-created locations. Per location, preferences can be saved and displayed. These ‘favourites’ can be displayed at any desired time, either statically or dynamically via the ‘wave-module’ in your desired speed.

Create multifunctional areas by aligning the atmosphere of the outdoor light supply with your DYDELL PRO or create the perfect
ambiance for your guests or function theme.


DYDELL PRO uses a ‘master-slave system’, in which six LED bulbs per master- or slave-unit can be connected and be operated. Each ‘master-unit’ can be extended with ‘slave-units’ up to 180 LED spheres. Each ‘master-slave unit’ is equipped with its own power supply and power factor correction (PFC).

Control options

Via the master-unit the DYDELL PRO system can be controlled in several ways:

  • DYDELL PRO software (for Windows): with DYDELL PRO software, large groups of LED spheres, locations, atmospheres and external remote controls can be set and controlled.
  • DALI (wall) control panel: by pushing one button, all lights can be switched on and off or dimmed. Also, preference settings which are created by DYDELL PRO software, can easily be recalled or displayed dynamically via the ‘wave-module’.
  • DMX slide panel: the ‘master unit’ can be equipped with a DMX control system. Each LED bulb can get 10 channels. Via a DMX controller the LED sphere can be controlled independently per half sphere with warm white and coloured RGB light.