Research: Coloured lighting influences people’s behaviour

Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone is influenced by colour. Certain colours can make us happy while other colours can help us to concentrate better or feel calmer. The marketing and advertisement industry acknowledged this quite some time ago and use colour to influence buying and spending behaviour. For example, all fast-food restaurants use red in their logo because the colour red stimulates our senses and encourages us to eat more and spend more money.

Below you can find several studies where colour has been used successfully in the environment:

Colour in work environment affects cognitive performances

Pink environment colour helps curb aggressive behaviour

Colour of shop design affects buying behaviour

Light affects the concentration of pupils

How brands distinguish themselves using colour

  • Quality and trust are some features that colour can depict for a brand

Effect of the amount of light in the workplace

  • Light has a visual effect, namely that people need good visibility for the work they do. But the intensity of light also determines, in part, how people feel. Plenty of light ensures higher alertness and better sight. Read more on: