Philharmonie Haarlem – Small Room

After Dydell made the light for the bar, entrance and the artistfoyer, we were asked to contribute to the optimization of the lighting in the small theater hall. In theaters it is important that one can dimm nicely for even the last 10% and that the light does not suddenly go out. Small bright spots that give a lot of sparkle can also be experienced as annoying.

The Philharmonie has therefore opted for our tunalble white Glareless spot that can be controlled by DMX. In the tunable white Glareless spot both cool as well as warm white LED’s are incorporated, so that light can easily be dimmed from functional to warm-white ligt. The sloping ceiling made it a challenge to let the light shine straight down. Thanks to the tilting spots, we succeeded to do so anyway.


We get an incredible amount of good reactions from employees and guests who come to us. The Dydell lamp gives a new addition to our theater. The installation was smooth and everything neatly on time. I would recommend it to anyone to do this and will certainly act as a missionary when asked. Tim is going out for 2 months with us, so managing it separately will take a while.

tegel bedrijfsfilm-01
Lighting examples