LED light bulb



Each color has a certain influence on our behavior. The influence of color is very subtle and enters through our eyes and skin. Research has shown that colored light is a ‘frequency’ that gives off a certain energy. Colored light is therefore used for newborn babies, the disabled and in children’s hospitals. A fine and beautiful color experience through light ensures that your interior comes out well and a pleasant atmosphere is created. But did you also know that the right atmosphere can lead to more turnover? A commonly used light source, which creates an atmosphere in theaters, catering, and residential homes, is our powerful LED light bulb, which is functional and ambient. Great light starts with DYDELL’s luxurious, powerful, and smart LED light bulbs, which really set the mood for the room.


LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are solid light bulbs that are extremely energy efficient. LED light bulbs use the light-emitting diode to produce light when negatively charged semiconductors are applied voltage, hence causing electrons to combine which leads to a unit of light. LED lights outperform other forms of lighting in every area. They are more efficient in their use of electricity. They are cooler, don’t waste energy as heat, and therefore safer.

LED light bulb
LED light bulb


Our LED bulbs consists of two hemispheres that can be adjusted to taste with warm white light and colored light. The dimmable LED lamp bulb can be incorporated into the luminaire that fits into your interior. The LED lamp bulb will illuminate your furniture or kitchen island beautifully (functionally), while the ceiling is indirectly lit. The light is also ideal in the hospitality industry. Our LED light bulbs can be used as hanging lamps, floor lamps or standing lamps and always creates an amazing atmosphere above your dining table, bar, in your living room or as an eye-catcher in your entrance.

LED light bulb


Every moment of the day there is a need for different light. Something that our LED lighting can guarantee. For example, there is a demand for cool white light during the day, while in the evening there is a need for light with a warmer color temperature and less intensity. Because our bulbs can be dimmed, you get atmospheric lighting. It has also been shown that this atmospheric and luxurious LED lighting can provide more turnover in the catering industry!


There are also other LED bulbs on the market now, such as the Philips Hue. This light source gives one atmosphere. Because Dydell’s LED sphere consists of two hemispheres, you can really play with light by setting direct light on a table and indirect light to the ceiling and varying the lighting. Our LED light bulb is luxury lighting for catering, theaters, and homes.


LED stands for light emitting diode. LED lighting products produce light up to 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. How do they work? An electrical current pass through a microchip, which illuminates the tiny light sources we call LEDs, and the result is visible light. LED is highly energy efficient – less heat, more light, lower cost. Use less electricity for the same light output. LED can make a big impact on your energy use. In general, LED lights use very little electricity in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs.


This saves on cabling and makes it easy to add new lamps to a group, which can be controlled separately and jointly. The Casambi lighting, such as the Casambi spot or Casambi LED line are visible in the Casambi app. You only need the Casambi app (Apple and Android) to set up scenes or activate timers. You can use the app of your Casambi home operating system through your phone, tablet, or smartwatch, with which you can easily set the color, white balance and dimming mode of the Casambi lighting. You can easily add the saved atmospheres with the wall button. This allows you to manually call up the desired atmosphere at any time.

LED light bulb
LED light bulb


LED lighting in a (work) kitchen is the perfect way to create a perfect atmosphere and good working light. The kitchen requires the right LED lighting, which provides enough light for good cooking. It is also important that during a dinner with friends, the light can be dimmed to a soft, atmospheric light, so that it forms a beautiful whole with the rest of the room. The Glareless pin spot from DYDELL is a unique trimless spot with ‘invisible light’, which is often used above worktops and in kitchen cabinets. The spot has an aluminum flange and a light opening of only 10 millimeters. This makes it easy to remove. Ideal in an open restaurant kitchen because they do not dazzle the customer. In addition, DYDELL’s atmospheric LED light bulb is regularly used above the kitchen table and above the restaurant tables, because the LED bulb functionally illuminates the tables. Our LED light bulbs are economical in energy consumption and have a long lifespan. Despite the LED bulb being very powerful and giving 1721 lumens of light, you will not be blinded by the light as the light source is diffused.


Depending on the interior or taste, our LED light bulbs can easily be incorporated into floor lamps and pendant lamps. The bulbs are perfectly dimmable and changeable. We are experts in changeable light. By choosing DYDELL’s kitchen lighting, you get a kitchen that is illuminated in a practical and functional way. By incorporating smart lighting from DYDELL, such as the LED bulb, you can easily determine the atmosphere by switching between warm and cold light. The LED lighting in the kitchen can also follow the stored light scenes of the other room(s).

LED light bulb


With our atmospheric, dimmable LED light bulb of Ø 14 cm you always create an amazing atmosphere in every room. The powerful, point-free, smart LED light source can be set per hemisphere and creates any desired ambiance: from functional (warm) white light on the table to a stylish soft tone or decorative mood light to the ceiling. The LED light bulb is often used in a floor lamp or pendant lamp. By using the LED light bulb above a table, in an entrance or next to the sofa, you are guaranteed atmospheric lighting.


The DYDELL LED light bulb is regularly used as kitchen lighting. An emergency light module can optionally be added to all DYDELL’s lighting, such as the pin spot, LED bulb and powerline. We combine three light functions in one light source.

LED light bulb


Our powerful and diffuse LED light bulbs can be set per hemisphere, so that the right light is set for every desired ambiance.


DYDELL’s dual white smart bulb consists of two halves: candle white LEDs (2000k) and cool white (5000k) LEDs. Both halves can be set in the same desired white shade. As a result, the LED light bulb provides both functional and mood lighting. The smart bulb can be dimmed perfectly with, among other things, the Casambiand DMX control systems. The dual white LED light bulb provides more than 1721 lumens of LED lighting and consumes less than 24 watts of energy. The opal finishing cover creates a beautiful homogeneous light image without dots. The dual white LED light bulb can also be used in environments where human centric lighting is used, such as in offices and care centers.

LED light bulb


The powerful, diffused ultimate RGB+W LED bulb is the pinnacle of LED bulbs. This LED bulb consists of two half light bulbs, which can be adjusted independently of each other. Both halves contain the highest quality white LEDs (2700K with RA 95) and colored (RGB) LEDs. Both parts have powerful functional light and dimmed atmospheric light within one light source. The ceiling can be lit indirectly, while the table can be lit directly with a different light setting.


An emergency light module can optionally be added to the central power supply for catering, theatres, music venues and other public spaces. Once the power drops, all DYDELL’s lighting switches to an emergency lighting scene. The atmosphere of the RGB+W LED bulb can be set in no time and can be dimmed with the wireless control systems of Casambi or DMX. The control system is integrated in the LED bulb, so that it only needs to be powered with 24V. The LED bulb comes standard with an adapter that converts 230V to 24V. The LED light bulb has a diameter of 14 cm, gives more than 1721 lumens of LED lighting, and consumes less than 24 Watts of energy. Just like with the dual white LED light bulb, the opal finishing cover creates a beautiful light image without dots.


The heat management of our LED light bulbs is very important to determine the quality. If the maximum temperature is exceeded, the white LEDs can discolor, and the lifespan is drastically reduced. To prevent this, our LED bulbs have a unique internal cooling system. When the maximum temperature is exceeded, the dimming functionality is activated. As a result, the LEDs cool down and a maximum lifespan of 50,000 burning hours with a stable color temperature can be guaranteed. For this reason, our LED bulbs are often used in high entrances and auditoriums, in which they continue to illuminate the room multifunctionally year after year.

LED light bulb
LED light bulb


Our smart bulbs work with an operating system such as Casambi, DMX or Loxone. They can be controlled with a smart home system. With the Casambi system, light scenes can be shown fully automatically, for example when the sun sets or rises. With our LED bulbs you will not notice that you are rolling from one sphere to another. In addition to fully automatic, it is of course always possible to manually activate various light scenes on the wall button for mood lighting.

LED light bulb


The DMX control system has been specially developed for theaters, catering and music venues and can be linked to the Loxone smart home system or the KNX control system. The powerful DMX LED light bulb is connected through a 3-wire cable to a DIN rail box, which supplies and controls the lamp with 24 Volts. Our smart light bulbs can be perfectly dimmed with the DMX mixing desk. Optionally, the DIN rail cabinet can be expanded with an emergency light module. As soon as the power goes out, all connected orbs light up for an hour.


If you choose to control your smart LED light bulb with Casambi, your DYDELL orbs and other LED bulbs such as our Glareless pin spot and powerline can be controlled as a group with one touch. The lamps are perfectly dimmed and set with Bluetooth. With a Casambi bulb you get access to a very user-friendly free app that offers advanced light functionalities, such as a group control system. This involves setting and saving atmospheres and linking timers, sensors, and other buttons. There is no need to run new cabling for a LED bulb: the existing 230V cabling can be used. The advantage of the Casambi control system is that new LED lighting can easily be added to the system.


You can also work with the Loxone smart home system to which our LED light bulbs, but also other devices such as your blinds, heating, alarm, music, and energy management can be connected and controlled to as one system on ‘automatic pilot’. Loxone offers both wired and wireless solutions. With a Loxone system, a DIN rail box is installed. This supplies the lamps with 24 Volts. The DIN rail cabinet is connected to the Loxone ‘DXM extender’ with a 3-wire DMX cable. The DMX extender is connected with a cable to the ‘Loxone mini server’ or ‘Loxone GO’. Spheres can be adjusted and controlled through the Loxone App.


Would you like to experience what our beautiful LED light bulbs can do for you? Please contact us to make an appointment. We would like to introduce you to our LED light bulbs.

LED light bulb