The Lloyd Hotel is a special historic building that was opened in 1921 on the Oostelijk Handelskade in Amsterdam. This iconic building on the IJ has 117 completely unique rooms in all shapes and sizes for every budget. The striking curved corridors of this hotel must be illuminated in a unique and sustainable way. Because our LED bulbs are processed without fixture in the hangings, they are controlled with Casambi. Because the LED bulb

consisting of two hemispheres, the arches of the corridor can be beautifully indirectly illuminated, while the corridor with the bottom sphere is provided with sufficient functional light. An emergency light module has also been added to the operating system. As soon as the voltage drops, all light sources switch over to a functional white-tint light and give it 1 lux of light for a minimum of 60 minutes.

tegel bedrijfsfilm-01
Lighting examples