Would you like to have a lighting plan made for your home, catering business, hotel or theater? Then you have come to the right place at DYDELL! We are product developers and atmosphere makers. We ensure that there is enough atmosphere in restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, theaters, private homes and elderly care. To create a good atmosphere, you can have us make a custom lighting plan. We provide solid lighting advice for every industry, which matches the wishes and the space. Would you like to experience what a good lighting plan can do for you?


Our experience shows that many customers enjoy it when the entire lighting assignment is taken care of by one party. That is why DYDELL advises, guides and implements the entire lighting project from A to Z. We can have a suitable lighting plan drawn up for you and ensure the correct installation. We work with highly experienced installers who know all the possibilities and impossibilities of our light sources.

You can get lighting advice from us and have a calculated lighting plan drawn up. With light calculation, the building in question is drawn in 3D and it is calculated whether the amount of light complies with the prescribed NEN standards. This standard is prescribed for dentists, healthcare institutions, offices, etc. Such a NEN report is drawn up with a light calculation.

In fact, there are two levels: lighting advice or a calculated lighting plan. Lighting advice looks at where the spots should be and a lighting plan is a complete plan with various light calculations. We look at what fits best in every situation.


Are you moving to a new home or do you have renovation plans? Then it is useful to have a lighting plan drawn up at an early stage, so that you can immediately install the electrical points in the right places. Our spots are tailored to the layout of the house and your interior. The installer can install the spots (between 70mm and 89mm high) in your ceiling or wall when the house is completed. Of course we can also take a closer look at your current living situation around lighting.


DYDELL has a lot of experience in illuminating multifunctional spaces by means of smart lighting. Our challenge is to have a solid but surprising lighting plan drawn up within each sector that is “right” in terms of light when you enter the room. Do you also need lighting advice? We would be happy to visit you to discuss your needs and the possibilities. Below are the steps we go through when we create a lighting plan:

Let’s talk about light

Would you like to experience what the lighting concept of DYDELL can do for your situation? Please contact us to make an appointment, so that we can let you experience it for yourself. Obviously, entirely non-binding. A pleasant atmosphere starts with the right light source.