The fris restaurant located in Haarlem was completely renovated last summer. DYDELL has been able to contribute to the pleasant lighting of the restaurant. Depending on the time of day or season, the light is easily adjusted through the Casambi control system. Bright halogen spots had been incorporated into the existing bar, which all now give a different color of light. Because you can also eat and drink at the bar, this bright light is often experienced as nuisance. For this reason, restaurant Fris has chosen to extend the existing lighting system by also providing the bar with the Glareless spot.

We also used the 40-degree LED spotlight to beautifully iluminate the glasses on the upper shelves of the bar cabinet. The flanges of the spot are painted in the gray shade of the ceiling, so that they blend into the ceiling. Beause the spotlight uses an optic that intersects the light and we have created a small opening of 10 cm at the intersection, a beautiful ruddy light image is created that can also be operated with the existing Casambi control system.

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