Caregroup De Laren is a private elderly care organization that completely relieves residents. The newly built De Kleine Heide location was festively opened in September 2016. DYDELL has been asked to make a lighting plan in collaboration with interior design agency Allinliving for the general areas such as the dining rooms, library, private dining and conservatory. The lighting plan had to be aligned with the attractive interior design of Allinliving and meet the latest requirements of good and (bio) dynamic lighting of spaces for the elderly. Research has shown that “falling” is the main cause of injury for the elderly. In addition, research shows that the elderly are disoriented more quickly. The lens and cornea of ​​the elderly are getting darker

and yellower in color and the pupils are getting smaller. Older people therefore need three to five times as much light compared to young people. A lack of light stimuli plays an important role in the degeneracy of the biological clock and the disruption of the 24-hour rhythms of the elderly. DYDELL has therefore made a calculated lighting plan for each room in which powerful and dynamic light sources such as LED bulbs, indirect line light, rails with spotlights and light panels are used. All light sources are diffuse and depending on the time of day or changing activities that are performed in a room, the right light can be called up: from powerful but atmospheric light during eating to functional white light for reading. Read more about eldery care lighting.

We were instructed to provide the total interior design for the new healthcare institutions to be opened in Bloemendaal and Son & Breugel. Because “light” is a separate subject, we have enabled DYDELL for this. DYDELL has drawn up a calculated lighting plan based on our interior plan, which meets the lighting requirements for elderly care. We prescribed the luminaires, DYDELL processed their light sources with control system. The general spaces have become beautiful and the lighting contributes a lot to the perception of the space. It gives atmosphere and at the same time there is enough light to eat or to do an activity. The collaboration went well and we are proud of the results achieved

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Lighting examples