A bathroom is to completely unwind, let all your senses relax, so it is important that the light in bathrooms is appropriate for the function that you use. In this bathroom DYDELL has applied a power line to the sides of the mirror with diffuse light, so that your face is well lit. Light from above illuminates only the top of the face, then a shadow falls on the bottom of the face. If you stand in front of the mirror, you naturally want your face to be well highlighted. To spotlight the sink nicely, we have placed two spots in the ceiling. Above the bathtub we have incorporated a 20-degree spot that is relatively close to the wall so that the light strikes the wall nicely. The spot is placed in the middle, so that the light does not shine brightly in your face when you are in the bath and again beautifully lights the bathtub and the bathroom comes to life through the indirect light on the wall.

We have also placed two spots on the side of the shower head, so that the shower cubicle can be beautifully illuminated. DYDELL has highlighted several important points in the bathroom, but at the same time the light is still functional. Many bathrooms have one light point in the middle of the bathroom. DYDELL illuminates the different niches of the bathroom for an exciting play of light. The light can be easily controlled by the Casambi control system. In this way a perfect relaxing atmosphere can be created without losing the functionality. In the evening the light goes on an energy-saving night mode. The light comes on nicely in the morning through a timer. Give your bathroom lighting attention that it deserves, then you experience double the comfort of it.

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Lighting examples