Acoustic office units with tailored light

In collaboration with STILL DESIGN DYDELL has developed a lighting concept that consists of functional ceiling and wall lighting with ‘Tailored Light‘ for modular acoustic office units.

  • In accordance with theNEN standard, a light yield of 500 LUX is generated on the work station and 200 lux around the work station.
  • The CRI value is 93 RA and the colour temperature of the dynamic light can vary from 2700K to 5000K.
  • The ceiling and wall lighting is provided both upwards and downwards with white light as coloured (RGB) light.
  • The office unit can also be fitted with a motion detector and a light meter if desired. With a light meter the intensity of the light is automatically adapted to the light from outside the unit.
  • DYDELL equips the office unit with “Tailored Light”. In collaboration with the independent
  • Colour Comfort colour institute, the colour of the environment is adapted to changing
  • functionalities with dynamic light.
  • With the DALI control panel, which is integrated in the office unit, depending on a specific function, each employee can easily select the right ambiance with adapted brightness and colour intensity with one press of a button.